Multi-zone RF RGBW Controller


RF Multi-Zone RGBW Controller

Controls up to 4 zones with a handheld remote.

Set custom scenes, choice of custom colors with touch color wheel, and 3 preset modes. Easy to install and to use, perfect for any low voltage RGBW light products.
Can control via app on iOS or Android devices over WiFi or directly to receiver (Indoor Multi-zone Receiver or Outdoor Multi-zone Receiver).


Cabinet RGBW Lights
Display Lighting
Kitchen Lighting
Outdoor RGBW LED Lights (controller must be indoors or protected from the elements)


Working temperature 0°C to 40°C
Downloadable app for extra features and modes
Remote range approximately 50 feet


RF Remote
Magnetic wall mount for remote

Product Specifications

Controller Dimensions

L4.75 x W2.2 x H0.7 in.


iOS & Android

Working Temperature

0°C to 40°C

Remote Range

50 feet

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Multi-zone Control System