LED Flexible Indoor Strip Tape 12V DC


12V LED Tape Flexible Strip Lighting

Cuttable with 3M two-sided tape

Ultra-thin has double-sided 3M tape for quick install, draws 1.5W/ft and emits 145 lumens per foot, comes in 16.5-foot spools translating into 18 SMD’s per foot this strip light comes in 2700K, 3000K warm light, 4100K daylight white and 5000K whiter light, ideally suited for cove, display and back bar lighting setting a required mood.
Fully dimmable using line voltage dimmable LED drivers or low voltage PWM LED dimmers and aluminium profiles (Please see our Accessories Page).


Cove lighting
Mood lighting
Display LED lighting
Back bar lighting
Cabinet lighting


Ultra-thin flexible LED strip Tape lights
Cut lines every 3 LEDs, for easy to cut on-site
Double-sided 3M tape
Simple to install
+50,000 hour lifespan, with 3 Year Warranty

LEDs can be cut every 3 LEDs at the marked locations and re-connected together by soldering or using solderless easy snap connects.

Solderless connectors make it easy to connect strips together after cutting, found on our accessories page.

Requires LED 12V DC Driver (click here )


1 x 16.5 foot LED tape spool with 300 Super Bright LED’S
3M tape on back for quick installation
1 x 82.5 foot LED tape spool with 1500 Super Bright LED’S (Contractor Roll)
3M tape on back for quick installation
3 x Solderless connectors with wire lead

Product Specifications

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 500 × .8 × .2 cm

12V DC (Constant Voltage)


4.8W per Meter

Degree of light spread


Number of LEDS

60 SMDs/M (18/ft)

Color Temperature

Warm White 2700K, Warm White 3000K, Daylight 4100K, White 5000K

Lumen output

145 lumens per foot




L197 x W0.3 x L0.08 in., L5000 x W8 x H2 mm.

LED Strip Length

16.5 ft., 82.5 ft.


Surface or Recess mount


3 Year

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Indoor 3528 Flexible Strip

Frequently asked Questions:

Q: How do I cut strips to custom sizes?

A: A cut mark is indicated every three LEDs. Use scissors or wire strippers to cut along the indicated line

Q: Can I chain cut sections?

A: Solder points are located at the edge of each cut section. Two strips can be soldered together by removing the 3M tape from the back of one and placing the solder points over the top of the other strip’s solder points. Wire can be attached to link two strips the same way